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What Are the Best Dry Dog Food For Yeast Infections?

by foxssyrups

What Are the Best Dry Dog Food For Yeast Infections?

best dry dog food for yeast infections

Many people question whether the best dry dog food for yeast infections is a product marketed by Purina. Others are less than impressed with the ingredients in Purina’s dog food, which include ingredients such as molasses, egg, corn and rice.

In recent years, the quality of dog food has improved substantially, so you have to wonder why there are still such concerns. Some people believe that certain ingredients can contribute to the development of yeast infections in dogs.

It may be that Purina is following the lead of the pet food industry. Recent studies indicate that many of the preservatives and additives used in dog food were never properly evaluated by the FDA or by the industry.

They are included in the foods toxic for both human and animal. Studies have also shown that many of the over-the-counter treatments used on dogs, such as Collage and Flecther, are potentially toxic to the pet.

In the long run, these substances and chemicals can cause the development of hyperuricemia, which can cause the dog to develop kidney stones, cataracts and worse, a state known as “hardening of the arteries.” The uric acid that is produced can also contribute to the development of hip dysplasia, which can lead to arthritis and loss of mobility.

One thing that has changed with Purina, however, is the way they now use wheat and barley in their dog food. This makes it difficult to prepare and enhances the effects of probiotics on the canine digestive system.

It is not known if the difference between Purina and regular commercially available dog food has any effect on the occurrence of yeast infections in dogs. However, the decreasein incidence of such infections has been noted by a number of veterinarians.

With the introduction of the Purina brand in the market, there has been a demand for dry foods with some ingredients, such as grains, legumes and other foods with harsh formulas. That’s why a number of dog owners choose to keep a couple of packs of the brand by the kitchen door.

Pets like dogs can get sick from illness, but it’s not as if there are no medications to cure that. Indeed, the pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars to create products to treat yeast infections in dogs.

Some of the more common ones include Gentian Violet, Sulfamethoxazole and the more recently developed Metronidazole. Of the two, Metronidazole is less expensive than Gentian Violet.

Still, a vet practice will only have a limited budget, and that’s why this expense must be factored into the cost of any medication for the treatment of an infection. Pet owners will find it even more frustrating when these medications fail to help their dogs.

The best natural cures for yeast infections will work very well in a dog if given the chance to do so. Studies indicate that a canine is one of the few animals that naturally shed their own yeast, so there is no need to give medications.

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